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                    Australian SAA certification
                    We focus lighting, and lighting fittings, mainly to drive the inspection certification services.
                    Australian SAA certification

                     Introduction to Australian SAA Certification

                    Standards Australia International Limited (SAA) is Australia's sole Standards certification body. The body was established in 1922 as the Commonwealth Engineering Standards Association of Australia and in 1929 was renamed Standards Australia.
                    Electrical products, whether imported or locally assembled in Australia, must first be certified by Australian International Standards Corporation before entering the Australian market. Different electrical products to do different product quality certification
                    All electrical products are subject to safety certification (SAA). Inspection institutions through the destructive test of electrical appliances, check the safety and reliability of electrical appliances, such as in the case of high temperature, uninterrupted overload use of electrical appliances, check the safety performance of electrical appliances. Water leakage test should be carried out on the appearance of the washing machine to check whether electricity leaks. Undertake abnormal use to the socket of electric appliance, see whether to have unsafe hidden trouble to wait a moment.
                    Electrical products entering the Australian market must comply with local safety regulations, known as SAA certification, which is often faced by the industry. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products certified by Australia can be successfully sold in the New Zealand market.