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                    China certification
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                    China certification

                     CCC certification

                    CCC certification is 3C certification.
                    The full name of 3C certification is "mandatory product certification system". It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in order to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management and implement in accordance with laws and regulations. The so-called 3C Certification, is China's Compulsory product Certification system, English name China Compulsory Certification, English abbreviation CCC.
                    3C certification is the abbreviation of Chinese mandatory product certification. The main content is summarized in the following aspects:
                    (1) In accordance with the relevant agreements of the WTO and international prevailing rules, the State shall, in accordance with law, implement a unified compulsory product certification system for products involving the health and safety of human beings, the safety and health of animal and plant life, as well as environmental protection and public safety. The Certification and Accreditation Administration shall be uniformly responsible for the administration, organization and implementation of the national compulsory product certification system.
                    (2) The main features of the State compulsory product certification system are that the State publishes a uniform catalogue, determines uniform and applicable national standards, technical rules and implementation procedures, formulates uniform marks and marks, and stipulates uniform fee rates. Any product listed in the catalog of compulsory product certification must be certified by a state-designated certification body, obtain relevant certificates and add certification marks before it can be left the factory, imported, sold or used in business service places.
                    (3) according to the China's wto accession commitments and reflect the principle of national treatment, the original two systems of 138 kinds of products, from the "directory" in the original on the compulsory certification management of medical equipment, such as ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment of 16 kinds of products, increase the building safety glass and other 10 kinds of products, the actual listed in the catalogue of the compulsory certification of products a total of 132.
                    (4) the state shall use uniform marks for compulsory product certification. The new national Compulsory Certification mark name is "China Compulsory Certification", the English name is "China Compulsory Certification", the English abbreviation can be referred to as "3C" sign. After the implementation of China compulsory certification mark, will replace the original implementation of the "Great Wall" mark and "CCIB" mark.
                    (5) the state unified determination of compulsory product certification fee items and standards. The new fee items and fee standards will be formulated on the basis of the principle of non-profit-making and national treatment, taking into account the current fee situation, and referring to similar overseas certification fee items and fee standards.
                    (6) The compulsory product certification system came into effect on August 1, 2002, and the relevant certification bodies officially began to accept applications. The original product safety certification system and import safety and quality licensing system shall be abolished as of August 1, 2003.
                    3C Certification is actually the English name "China Compulsory Product Certification" (China Compulsory Product Certification System) abbreviation, is also the national Compulsory product Certification use of the unified symbol. As the authoritative "CCC" certification, which combines national safety certification (CCEE), import safety and quality licensing system (CCIB) and China electromagnetic compatibility certification (EMC), it is an advanced symbol of CAQSIQ and CNCA in line with the international standards, and has irreplaceable importance. At present, China has announced the first batch of products that must pass the compulsory certification, a total of 132 kinds in 19 categories. It mainly includes wires and cables, low-voltage electrical appliances, information technology equipment, safety glass, fire products, motor vehicle tires, latex products, etc.
                    The 3C logo is generally stuck on the surface of the product, or pressed on the product by molding. A careful look will find a number of small diamond shaped "CCC" code. There is a random code behind each 3C logo, each random code has the corresponding manufacturer and product. Certification mark issuing management center in the issue of mandatory product certification mark, has the code corresponding to the product into the computer database, consumers can be through the national quality certification center for coding query.
                    Compulsory certification
                    Catalogue of the first batch of compulsory certification products
                    I. Wire and cable (5 kinds in total)
                    Wire assemblies, flexible rubber sheathed cables for mining, railway locomotive and rolling stock with rated AC voltage up to and including 3KV, rubber insulated wires and cables with rated voltage up to and including 450/750V, polyvinyl chloride insulated wires and cables with rated voltage up to and including 450/750V
                    II. Electrical devices for circuit switch and protection or connection (6 kinds in total)
                    Couplers (household, industrial and similar appliances), plugs and sockets (household, industrial and similar appliances), thermal fuses, tubular fuses of small fuses, switches for household and similar stationary electrical devices, and encloses for electrical accessories of household and similar stationary electrical devices
                    III. Low-voltage electrical appliances (9 kinds in total)
                    Leakage protector, circuit breaker (including RCCB, RCBO, MCB), fuse, low voltage switch (isolator, isolator, fuse combination), other circuit protection device [protector class: Current limiter, circuit protection, over current protector, thermal protector, overload relays, low-voltage electromechanical contactors, relays, motor starter] (36 v voltage on < 1000 v), the other switch (electric switch, vacuum switch, pressure switch, proximity switch, foot switch, thermal switches, liquid level switch, push button switch, limit switch, micro switch, reversing switch, temperature switch, trip switch, switch, automatic switch, knife switch) and other devices (contactor, motor starter, lamp, auxiliary contact components, main controller, ac motor controller semiconductor and starter), Low voltage switchgear assembly.
                    IV. Small power motor (1 in total)
                    V. Power tools (16 kinds in total)
                    Electric drill (including impact electric drill), electric screwdriver and impact wrench, electric grinding machine, sanding machine, circular saw, electric hammer (including the demolition hammer), not flammable liquid electric spray gun, the electric scissors (including double electric scissors and electric punching and shearing), tapping machine, reciprocating saw (including curve saw, inadvertently), plug-in concrete vibrator, electric chain saw, planer, electric pruning shears and electric cut grass, bakelite milling and electric trimming machine, stone cutting machine (including marble cutting machine)
                    VI. Electric Welding Machine (15 kinds in total)
                    Small AC arc welding machine, AC arc welding machine, DC arc welding machine, TIG arc welding machine, MIG/MAG arc welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, plasma arc cutting machine, plasma arc welding machine, anti-shock device of arc welding transformer, welding cable coupling device, resistance welding machine, wire feeding device of welding machine, TIG welding torch, MIG/MAG welding gun, electric welding pliers
                    Household and similar equipment (18 kinds in total)
                    1. Domestic refrigerators and food freezers: Refrigerators, frozen food storage bins and food freezers and their combinations, with or without frozen pantry, for domestic or similar purposes, having an effective capacity of less than 500 litres 2. Electric fan: single-phase AC and DC electric fans for household and similar purposes 3. Air conditioners: Air conditioners for household and similar purposes with a refrigerating capacity not exceeding 21000 kcal/h. Motor - compressor: enclosed (fully enclosed type, semi-enclosed type) motor - compressor 5 used for household and similar air-conditioning and refrigeration installations with power input below 5000W. Household electric washing machines: electric washing machines for washing clothes with or without water heating, dewatering or drying devices 6. Electric water heater: fixed storage water heater and quick-heat electric water heater that heats water to the boiling point below 7. Indoor heaters: radiant heaters, plate heaters, liquid filled heaters, fan heaters, convection heaters, tubular heaters for household and similar purposes. Vacuum cleaner: has the function of absorbing dry dust or liquid, by the series commutator motor or direct current motor vacuum cleaner 9. Skin and hair care appliances: Electrical appliances with electric heating elements for human or animal skin or hair care 10. Electric irons: dry and wet (steam) electric irons for household and similar purposes. Electromagnetic cooker: Household and similar cooking utensils heated by electromagnetic energy, which may contain one or more electromagnetic heating elements 12. Electric ovens: including household and similar ovens, bread toasters, waffle moulds and similar appliances of a rated capacity not exceeding 10 litres. Electric food processing apparatus: electric food processing apparatus for household use and similar multifunctional food processing apparatus 14. Microwave oven: a household appliance for heating food and beverages with electromagnetic energy in one or more I.S.M. bands at a frequency above 300MHz, which may have a coloring function and a steam function 15. Cookstoves, stoves, ovens and similar appliances: including domestic electric stoves, separated fixed ovens, stoves, table tops, stoves for electric ranges, grills and baking pans, and built-in ovens and grills. Range hood: Household appliances installed on the upper part of household cooking appliances and stoves, with fans, electric lights and control adjusters, used to suck and remove lampblack from the kitchen 17. Liquid heaters and hot and cold water dispensers Rice cooker: automatic heat preservation type or timing type rice cooker heated by electric heating elements
                    VIII. Audio and video equipment (excluding broadcasting grade audio equipment and car audio equipment) (16 kinds in total)
                    Single loudspeaker and multi-loudspeaker active speakers, audio power amplifiers, tuners, radios of various broadcasting bands, audio and video recording, playback and processing equipment (including all kinds of optical disc tapes and other carrier forms), and the combination of the above equipment, with a total output power of less than 500W (RMS). For audio and video equipment supporting the power adapter, a variety of imaging methods of color TV receiver, monitor (not including automotive television receiver), black and white television receiver and other monochrome television receiver, display () pipe, video, satellite television and radio receiver, electronic organ, antenna amplifier, voice and television signal cable distribution system equipment and parts
                    IX. Information technology equipment (12 kinds in total)
                    Microcomputers, portable computers, display devices connected to computers, printing devices connected to computers, multi-purpose printing copiers, scanners, computer built-in power and power adapter chargers, computer game consoles, learning machines, photocopiers, servers, financial and trade settlement electronic equipment
                    Lighting equipment (two in total) (excluding lighting equipment with voltage lower than 36V) lamps and ballasts
                    XI. Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (9 kinds in total)
                    Modems, fax machines, fixed telephone terminal (ordinary telephone, calling number display telephone, card management telephone, telephone recording, pay phone, smart card telephone, IC card public telephones, hands-free phones, digital telephone, telephone additional device), cordless telephone terminal (analog cordless telephones, digital cordless telephone), group telephone, group telephone, telephone conference operator), the mobile user terminal (mobile phone, GSM digital cellular mobile table (handsets and other terminal equipment), CDMA digital cellular mobile station (handsets and other terminal equipment), ISDN Terminal (network terminal equipment (NT1, NT1+), terminal adapter (card) TA), data terminal (storage and forwarding fax/voice card, POS terminal, interface converter, network hub, other data terminal), multimedia terminal (videophone, conference TV terminal, information on demand terminal, other multimedia terminal)
                    XII. Motor Vehicles and Safety Accessories (4 types in total)
                    (1) Motor vehicles: Class M, N and O vehicles driven on highways and city roads (2) Motorcycles: Motorcycles with an engine exhaust capacity of more than 50cc or with a maximum design speed of more than 50Km/h (3) Automobile and motorcycle parts: safety belts and motorcycle engines
                    XIII. Motor vehicle tires (3 types in total)
                    (a) car tyres, car tyres, passenger car radial tyre xiejiao tyres, cars), truck tires (mini truck tyres, light truck tires, medium/heavy truck tire) (2) of the motorcycle tires, motorcycle tires (code series, the series of the metric system, portable series, a series of small wheel diameter)
                    XIV. Safety glass (3 kinds in total)
                    Automobile safety glass (Class A laminated glass, Class B laminated glass, area tempered glass, tempered glass), building safety glass (laminated glass, tempered glass), safety glass for railway vehicles (laminated glass, tempered glass, safety insulating glass)
                    XV. Agricultural machinery products (1 kind in total)
                    Plant protection machinery (knapsack sprayer (device), knapsack duster (device), knapsack spray duster)
                    16. Latex products (1 in total) rubber condoms
                    XVII. Medical Device Products (7 kinds in total)
                    Medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, hemodialysis equipment, hollow fiber dialyzer, extracorporeal circulation pipeline of blood purification device, electrocardiogram machine, implantable pacemaker, artificial heart-lung machine
                    The state general administration of quality supervision, the state food and drug supervision bureau jointly issued a notice by, Certification and Accreditation Administration (52), 2013, since April 23, 2013 in medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, electrocardiogram, blood dialysis device, hollow fiber dialyser, blood purification device of extracorporeal circulation of blood, artificial heart-lung machine, implantable cardiac pacemakers, eight kinds of medical equipment products such as rubber condoms is no longer needed
                    Implement mandatory CCC certification management.
                    XVIII. Fire fighting products (3 kinds in total)
                    Fire alarm equipment (point type smoke fire alarm detector, point type temperature fire alarm detector, fire alarm controller, fire control linkage control equipment, manual fire alarm button), fire hose, sprinkler equipment (sprinkler head, wet alarm valve, water flow indicator, pressure switch for fire fighting)
                    XXIX. Safety Technology and Prevention Products (1 in total)
                    Intrusion detector (microwave Doppler detector for indoor use, active infrared intrusion detector, passive infrared detector for indoor use, microwave and passive infrared composite intrusion detector)
                    Catalogue of the second batch of compulsory certification products
                    Wireless LAN Products
                    Catalogue of the third batch of compulsory certification products
                    1. Solvent-based wood paint (refers to nitrocellulose paint/alkyd paint/polyamine paint for interior decoration)
                    II. Ceramic tiles (porcelain tiles with an average water absorption rate E<=0.5% for building decoration)
                    Three, concrete antifreeze
                    Catalogue of the fourth batch of compulsory certification products
                    I. Intrusion Detector
                    1. Magnetic switch intrusion detector
                    2. Vibration intrusion detector
                    3. Passive glass breakage detectors for indoor use
                    Two, anti-theft alarm controller
                    Three, car anti-theft alarm system
                    Four, anti-theft safe, anti-theft safe
                    The fifth batch of compulsory certification product catalog
                    One, baby buggy class
                    Two, electric toys
                    Three, plastic toys
                    Four, metal toys
                    Five, catapult toys
                    Six, doll toys
                    The Sixth Batch of Compulsory Certification Product Catalogue
                    1. Motor vehicle lamps and lanterns (headlight, turn signal; Car front lights/rear lights/brake lights/profile lights, front fog lights, rear fog lights, reverse lights, parking lights, side lights and rear license plate lighting devices; Motorcycle license plate light, position light);
                    2. Motor vehicle recovery reflector;
                    3. Automobile driving recorder;
                    IV. Reflective identification of car body;
                    5. Automobile brake hose;
                    6. Rear view mirrors of the motor vehicle;
                    VII. Motor vehicle horn;
                    Eight, car fuel tank;
                    9. Door locks and door hinges;
                    Ten, interior materials;
                    11. Seats;
                    12. Headrest
                    3C certification conditions
                    First, a business license
                    The products produced by the second company are included in the list of mandatory products for CCC certification
                    The third company should have its own plant
                    The fourth company should have certain financial strength
                    The fifth company has relevant documents, production environment, warehouse management and so on. The most important is documents