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                    EU EMC certification
                    We focus lighting, and lighting fittings, mainly to drive the inspection certification services.
                    EU EMC certification

                     The basic definition of EMC is:

                    The ability of a device or system to function normally in its electromagnetic environment and not to cause unbearable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in the environment. The so-called electromagnetic harassment refers to the equipment or system performance degradation caused by electromagnetic harassment.
                    It has two meanings:
                    EMI is a kind of electromagnetic interference.
                    Refers to the equipment itself in the work of the electromagnetic disturbance to the environment
                    EMS (Electro Magnetic Susceptibility)
                    Refers to the equipment has a certain resistance to electromagnetic interference in the electromagnetic environment.
                    EMC test items:
                    EMS electromagnetic immunity: ESD RS radiation immunity EFT Surge immunity CS conduction immunity Power frequency magnetic field immunity DIPS voltage sags
                    Verify the electromagnetic compatibility of the product, that is, EMC certification.
                    EMC covers the product range
                    IT Information:
                    EMC standard: EN 55022/EN 55024
                    Common products: personal computers, telephones, scanners, routers, bookkeeping machine, printer, bookkeeping machine, calculators, cash register, copier, data circuit terminals, data pretreatment equipment, data processing equipment, data terminal equipment, dictation equipment, paper shredders, copy machine, power adapter, chassis power supply, digital camera, etc
                    AV class
                    EMC standard: EN 55013/EN 55020
                    Common products are: speakers, audio and video teaching equipment, video projectors, video cameras and video monitors, power players, DVD, record players and CD players CRT TV TV sets, LCD TV TV sets, tape recorders, radios, etc
                    Home appliance class
                    EN 55014-1/EN 55014-2
                    Common products are: electric kettle, electric kettle, meat slicer, juice smashing machine, juice machine, microwave oven, solar water heater, household electric fan, disinfecting cupboards, air conditioning compressor refrigerator, range hood gas water heater, etc
                    Class of lamps and lanterns
                    EMC Standard: EN 55015/EN 61547
                    Common products are: lamp tube, ball gun lamp, tunnel lamp, mining lamp, street lamp, fluorescent lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, electronic town
                    Flow device, lamp shade, ceiling lamp, cabinet lamp, lamp strip, etc
                    Medical Devices:
                    EMC standard: YY0505:2012
                    Common products are: radiotherapy treatment instrument, electrocardiogram test instrument, analytical instrument, three oxygen treatment instrument, fumigation treatment instrument, ultraviolet light treatment instrument, spectrum treatment instrument, radio frequency comprehensive treatment instrument, ultrasonic atomizer, etc
                    EMC project completion cycle
                    1-2 weeks for EMC rectification of common products
                    About 1 month for medical treatment or complex EMC rectification
                    The report of EMC from European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan and other regions to our laboratory takes 1 week