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                    Gather real-time dynamic testing certification industry, release the latest news and information of the blackstone detection, welcome to your attention!

                    1. For the convenience of your query, this system can simply enter the certificate number can easily access to the data;

                    2. Please fill out the certificate number, in turn, and is case sensitive digital format input;

                    3. This system is only used to confirm you can query the validity of the certificate;

                    4. If the certificate number and company name don't match, will not be able to access to information, and you need to call our staff to confirm whether the certificate from blackstone,
                    telephone: 0760-87553128

                    5. The system database to store the query term for 3 years, 3 years or above certificate report to contact staff, telephone: 0760-87553128 / E-mail: 513439951 @qq.com