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                    Test Items
                    We focus lighting, and lighting fittings, mainly to drive the inspection certification services.
                    Test Items
                    Certification Program:

                    European CE Certification
                    European E-mark Certification
                    Australian RCM Certification
                    FCC Certification
                    Canadian IC Certification
                    Japan VCCI Certification
                    Korean KC Certification
                    Taiwan BSMI Certification

                    Test Items:

                    Conducted Emission
                    Harmonic Current
                    Voltage Fluctuation And Flicker
                    Electrostatic Discharge
                    Electrical Fast Transient
                    Conducted Susceptibility
                    Voltage Dips And Interruptions
                    Magnetic Emission

                    Safety Certification Test Items:

                    Heating Test
                    Surge Test
                    Input Test
                    Durability Of Marking Test
                    Vibration Test
                    Impact Test
                    Working Voltage Measurement
                    Resistance Of Earthing Circuit
                    Humidity Conditioning
                    Cord Anchorages Test
                    Torque Test (direct-plug in)
                    Drop Test
                    Measurement of Clearance And Creepage Distance
                    Ball Pressure Test
                    Discharge Of Capacitors
                    Touch Current Test
                    Fault Condition Test
                    Glow Wire Test
                    Leakage Current Testing
                    Insulation Resistance Tests
                    Needle Flame Test
                    Endurance Tests
                    High-low Temperature Test
                    Salt Spray Test
                    Test Dielectric Strength Test
                    Vertical And Horizontal CombustionTest

                    Shi Tong safety laboratory adhering to the "scientific, fair, accurate, efficient" quality policy, after continuous development and growth, no matter from the hardware, or from the quality of personnel, work experience and other aspects, have a strong comprehensive strength. The company has advanced equipment and fully functional laboratory, which can provide testing and certification services for products sold to all countries in the world, to ensure that the safety and energy efficiency of products meet international standards.
                    The company has a number of experienced industry senior engineers and customer service representatives, to meet a variety of customer testing needs, and provide superb technical guidance, and through the company's global partners to provide global certification services, to help customers to successfully promote the application of products to the global market.