BIST for RAM in Seconds
Brains is the 1st fully automatic BIST compiler for embedded memories. It only needs verilog design to generate BIST. Without losing the flexibility, Brains equips an user friendly UI to customize every feature. As the BIST architecture, Brains use the resource sharing technique to reduce 20% area overhead. It also supports at-speed test, field programmable, and diagnosis function. Meanwhile, it has 3 kinds of test interface to satisfy every kind of requirements.


One click, Brains take care everything!
1.Auto Memory Identification
2.Auto Memory Grouping
3.Auto Insertion
User-friendly UI
4.Customize Test Algorithm

Resource Sharing Architecture
1.Support 2.7GHz At Speed Test
Flexible Test Interface
2.Basic Simplified Tester Program
3.MiniBIST Minimized Test Ports
4.At-speed Test in Low-Frequency Tester
Yield Ramp Up
5.Field Programmable



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